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Banana Restaurant & Bar

Tottenham, London

N17 9TA

Tel: 020 8885 1779

Banana African Restaurant & Bar was established in 2009 to cater for the dietary needs of Africans, Nigerians, West Africans, Caribbean’s and any other ethnic origin desiring to have a taste of African foods. The restaurant itself took on a fantastic new modern minimalist style which certainly changes the traditional view of what an African restaurant has been perceived to look.

With superb touches of style and sleek Blacks and wooden tone browns the style of Banana is quite fantastic, the atmosphere is that of a stylish party with probably some of the best food in town. The main dishes focus on some of the best fusion food styles from Nigeria but delivered in what can only be described as a unique style.


The venue is the ideal destination for parties, events, work meetings and even a quiet evening of true feasting. For all those looking to try an African meal for the first time 'you can do little wrong by trying this joint out'. The only hope is that others can match the magic of this outstanding African restaurant


Recommended Food: fried rice, Chicken with stew, Plantain and meat pie washed down with Nigerian Fanta (under £15!)







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