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Eko Kitchen is an African restaurant in Cambridge opened in 2015, with the intention of remaining true to Niegeria cuisine.

All our dishes are flavorful and spiced according to our customers preferences from mild to super spicy. Eko Kitchen restaurant embraces Nigerian lifestyle. The menu is designed to reflect ethnic, cultural and social themes. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming with African music in the background.

We take great pride in carrying live coverage of most major sporting events such as: FIFA World cup. African Cup of Nations competition, English Premier League (EPL).

We hope that your visit to our restaurant will be a unique and pleasant experience of the taste of Africa. Enjoy the best of our African Movies and Music as you enjoy your meals, featuring movie and music stars from all over the continent.

We'd rather you don’t just take our word for it about what the Eko Kitchen experience is like so why not check out what people are saying on TripAdvisor, Google local and Facebook.

More Details

Business Type: Restaurant
Food Type / Nationality:

Specialist Cuisines /Food offered: Jollof Rice/Fried Rice, Pounded Yam/Amala/Eba/Semolina, Egusi Soup, Ogbono, Edikaikong
Main Menu Offerings: Jollof Rice/Fried Rice, Pounded Yam/Amala/Eba/Semolina, Egusi Soup, Ogbono, Edikaikong
Area of City or Town based in: Cambridge
Exclusive Services:
Party Booking
Take Away
Restaurant Hire

Contact Details

Phone: 01223351589


City / Town: Cambridge
Post Code / Zip / Town: CB1 2LF
Continents based in:

Country based in: United Kingdom
Region of Country: East

Eko KitchenEko KitchenEko KitchenEko KitchenEko Kitchen






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