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Although our East African country’s cuisine can be heavy on meat it's also full of delicious and super­satisfying dishes that are perfect for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten and lactose­free eaters.

Mesi’s Tip:​ For a delicious ​meat­free dish​, try our '​ bayenetu'.

Part of what makes our Ethiopian food perfect for so many diets is that there’s always a “fasting” (or animal­free) option. So whether it's a Vegan Wednesday or Friday come and have a Feast or Fast with us!.

Mesi’s Tip:​ Want ​vegan​ and ​gluten free food​ ­ try the ever so popular ​Injera​ . Injera​ is a sour and spongy round bread, made of teff flour, that’s naturally vegan and gluten­free.

From the land of a population of around 90 million and where many believe coffee originated, sample something different... Try Ethiopian food today, in fact we dare you to!.

We here at Mesi’s Kitchen absolutely love Ethiopian food it's our world, come join us and sample a part of our world!.

Food for Breakfast
Chechebsa, also called kita firfir (​ also ​ called kita fitfit), is typically eaten for breakfast and is one of the rare Ethiopian dishes eaten with a spoon. Chechebsa is made of lightly fried injera or other bread cooked in berbere sauce and often served with honey.

Ethiopian Springrolls
Sambusa is Ethiopia’s version of the Indian Springroll. Fried dough pastry; you can have it filled with meat, or for a vegetarian alternative, ask for the lentil filling.

Deserts ­ not too sweet!
Dessert is not a mainstay of Ethiopian cooking, though many Italian dishes like Tiramisu and Chocolate Mousse have become incorporated into the cuisine. Instead, we make cake­ish pastries that are not too sweet and range from doughy to dense. They are often fasting­approved, or dairy and meat free — so stay worry free. Our Menu.

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Specialist Cuisines /Food offered: Tekil Gomen, Fafosolia, Ye Chaka Tibis, Regular Kitfo, Lega Tibs, Gomen Be Siga, Yemisser Wot
Main Menu Offerings: Tekil Gomen, Fafosolia, Ye Chaka Tibis, Regular Kitfo, Lega Tibs, Gomen Be Siga, Yemisser Wot
Area of City or Town based in: Highbury East
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