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Las Gigi Mess...! I struggled a little with the name to give this recipe. Its been a dessert idea that I conceived many many years

ago, I took the picture and totally forgot about it,,,..! That is so typical of me though, those who know me know how I often put doing things off and then I forget about them all together, am sure I resemble some of you in this habit sha..., no bi only me!

Anyway, I was exploring how to make a dessert that will represent at least something about Lagos, which is by the way known as Las Gigi (by some youths).

So I wondered, what do most Lagos youth love as dessert, answer is ice-cream. What else do they eat as snack mostly, answer is Chin-Chin.... Okay, what are some other snack items that can combine well with the two items I determined, a fruit, some nuts, delicious syrup or chocolate / fruit sauces, the result Lagos Mess / Las Gigi Mess, following on in the tradition known as Eton Mess...! I tell you, its a really Delicious Mess..! oya go and try it too.

You can explore this further, by adding shuk shuk, crushed chocolate etc....anything you fancy

What you need

  • Good quality creamy ice-cream of your choice
  • Coconut candy
  • Groundnut
  • Chin-Chin
  • Good sweet fruit of your choice (I used tangelo in this recipe)
  • Chocolate sauce
  • Honey or fruit syrup of choice

What to do
  1. Arrange the tangelo wedges in the bottom of a dessert bowl, the add a few scoops of ice-cream.
  2. Top with crushed chin-chin, groundnuts, crushed coconut candy.
  3. Finish off by drizzling chocolate sauce, syrup over, in a carefree manner.
  4. Never mind the mess, that's where it got its name!

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