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Cooking directions for Nigerian Fried Plantain With Eggs:

  1. Cut off the top and bottom of the plantain. Make a shallow cut on the side and peel of the skin from that point.
  2. Next, cut the plantains to any shape of choice.You can sprinkle some salt on the plantain if you like salted plantains.
  3. Heat up the oil and fry the plantains until brown.
  4. Now chop the onions, tomato and pepper(to taste)
  5. Break the eggs,add salt to taste and whisk until double in size.
  6. Heat up a little oil on the pan; add the tomato, onions and pepper; stir fry for some seconds and add any seasoning of choice(I like using a little stock cube)
  7. Next , add the whisked eggs and leave to cook for some seconds. Then turn it over , so that the other side will cook as well.
  8. Now the eggs are ready to be served with the fried plantains. ENJOY!

Follow these easy steps on "How to make Nigerian Meat Pie". Nigerian meat pie is a popular snack that's enjoyed by so many across the world. As you will find with most of my Nigerian food recipes videos, I make the process as simple as possible for anyone who's willing to try out any of the Nigerian food recipes.

Grab the recipe and make your Nigerian Meat Pie :)






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