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Yadco, a division of Yadly Marketing Company, established in 1975 with the aim of delivering ethnic food and drink to the community. We have gained a wealth of experience. We now specialise in the manufacture, wholesale and distribution of African and Caribbean food and drink.

For over 35 years we have been expanding our organisation and now boast a large portfolio of depots across Europe. We have become the market leaders in our field and continue to grow at a rate of 10 - 15% per annum.

What sets us apart from the competition is that we manufacture and pack our own products, so strict quality control measures are applied from the very beginning, right through to the actual selling stage, unlike our competitors whom have their manufacturing and packaging outsourced. This enables us to make sure that all our products are of the highest quality, and by cutting out the middle man and buying direct from us (the manufacturer) we are also able to pass on large savings.

Being a family run business we pride ourselves on providing a friendly, reliable, professional, hassle free service, ensuring that all your needs and deadlines are satisfied. All our customers are looked after on a one to one basis, and because our success is measured by our customers, we want you to grow with us.

Remember that the Blue Bay brand is synonymous with West Africans all over. Our aim is simple and that is to supply our target market it's food and drink requirements, hence our motto "Bringing you your home foods". Rest assured you are getting quality and professionalism at all times.

Even today with all the competition, Yadco remain the pioneers of the West African Food Industry.

Yadco is not just limiting itself to West African products. We now stock a small selection of Chinese and Asian items, with more in progress.

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Business Type: Brand Owner / Product
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Type of Products stocked:
Nuts and Grain

Type of service:
Cash and Carry
Wholesale only

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Phone: 02083440280


City / Town: Bradford
Post Code / Zip / Town: BD4 7EA
Continents based in:

Country based in: United Kingdom
Region of Country: North







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