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In 2001, I found myself unemployed and in a country where the economic and employment climate was very difficult. It was then that my wife and I decided to emigrate to the UK to explore the opportunities that were available to a hardworking honest family man. As a devout Christian and family man, it was one of the most difficult decisions to make as we had to consider how it would impact on the lives of my children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters.

Eventually, after all the planning and worrying, we arrived at Manchester airport in April 2001. Lesley and I were excited at the prospect of exploring a new country along with its cuisine and culture. Over the next couple of months we found it difficult to source some familiar South African products locally. As you'd expect, we all become a little homesick for these familiar goodies. We tried some butchers in the Greater Manchester area and of those we found, which were very rare, it just did not have the right flavour and texture. So I decided to start making my own boerewors, biltong and drywors with recipes that I had used back in South Africa. Soon, I found myself making boerewors, biltong and drywors for fellow South African friends and some of my English friends as well. It has been from their feedback and support that I have started to offer my products on this website for everyone to enjoy!

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Business Type: Brand Owner / Product
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Type of service:
General Shop Base
Cash and Carry
Wholesale only

Main National Foods Supplied:
South African

Source of food supply:
South Africa

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Phone: 4401706621833


City / Town: Heywood
Post Code / Zip / Town: OL10 2JG
Continents based in:

Country based in: United Kingdom
Region of Country: North West

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