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The South African Shop is part of Jumbo Importers ltd. Jumbo is the biggest importer of South African food in the UK. It was established in the UK in 2003. We have 4 shops across London and a Butchery on site and our Colnbrook branch. We always strive for excellence and perfection. Our main aim is to please our customers and we will go the extra mile.

We offer our customers retail buying (single products) or to buy at our wholesale price (minimum 3 products of a kind).The wholesale buying will only be available on our website. Make us your PICK n PAY away from home!

South African wines are amongst the best in the world and are very popular in the UK and Europe. Interestingly, the brand names sold in the supermarkets of Britain and Europe do not include some of the best known names - and the best wines - sold in South Africa. The reason for this is usually that the vineyards concerned can be quite small and the South African market takes all of their output. We specialise in the wines and brand names that South Africans know and love. If you are South African, here is your opportunity to share your favourite South African wines with your friends. If you are not South African but love wine, here is your chance to enjoy the very best that South Africa has to offer.

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Business Type: Drinks/Beverage Importer
Type of Drink: Alcohol
Origin of Drink / Beverage: South Africa
Purpose of Drink: Leisure
Availability of Product:

Contact Details

Email: mailorder@randsavers.com
Phone: 4401735684014
Website: www.southafricanshop.co.uk


City / Town: Slough
Post Code / Zip / Town: SL3 0NJ
Continents based in:

Country based in: United Kingdom
Region of Country: South

The South African ShopThe South African ShopThe South African ShopThe South African ShopThe South African Shop






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