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Eat drink recognises the infancy yet unrivaled potential of this entire market (of African Food & Drink), the potential can be witnessed by simply evaluating the growth of the fresh fruit and raw material/commodities markets. EDA is able to boast a ready-made market place (of over 1.5 million direct African migrants in the UK including North Africans). This market place increases when expanded to settled 2nd and 3rd generation Africans, followed by those of interracial backgrounds or relationships. The further growth and popularity will be based upon a steady campaign of marketing, availability, choice, taste and quality will endear the services and products to many consumers and indeed entrepreneurs/corporations.

Each sector of the (food and drink sector) represented within the Eat Drink facility will drive the other. To explain this ‘statement’ further, this related surge or drive is in reference to increased traffic on the website as a direct result of marketing to 1st time or occassional users/consumers curious about African food and drink products/services (particularly as they are informed about the 55 diverse continental offerings). An example of such an increase or surge is highlighted within the following example; as more users utilise the (services such as) restaurant services, the restaurants themselves would be forced to increase their required quantity of food ‘products’, this action will directly increase the business of the suppliers e.g. the wholesalers. In addition importers who supply the wholesalers will also now increase their business and hence the cycle will continue thus growing the market sector.

The Initial Expected Target market;

a) Restaurant services –  (target market)

  • General recent migrant population
  • 1st and 2nd generation settled Africans (eating out an spending leisure time enjoying traditional food)
  • Interracial couples and their decedents (taking the opportunity to enjoy food from their heritage)
  • 3rd and 4th generation settled Africans
  • Enthusiasts taking the opportunity to try a new type of cuisine

b) Drinks/beverages suppliers – (market place)

  • General recent migrant population consuming beverages they know
  • 1st and 2nd generation settled Africans (consuming beverages they have some knowledge of)
  • Interracial couples and their descendents (taking the opportunity to enjoy a new beverage)
  • 3rd and 4th generation settled Africans leisurely consuming a new beverage with a link to their cultures
  • Enthusiasts taking the opportunity to try a new type of beverage
  • Wholesalers taking the opportunity to supply more new outlets
  • Retail outlets selling drinks that will be consumed by an eager market (this may be driven geographically due to the location of certain migrant communities)
  • Venues such as clubs (playing or offering traditional African entertainment or atmosphere) will offer drink products to consumers within a leisure based setting

c) Food Wholesalers/suppliers – (market place)

  • This market place will be driven by the demand from customers (private and commercial) whom wish to purchase food products directly
  • The interest from restaurants and other such places will increase demand to the suppliers
  • Suppliers will open more warehouses to stock product for the ever increasing market
  • Suppliers will look to import more produce to facilitate the retail outlets an thus satisfy front line high street availability
  • The wide availability of product will create visibility of product and hence brand/product awareness


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